Here are some Frequently Asked Questions –

Can I come along, and will I be welcome?

Absolutely! No previous experience required! And you don’t need to be an Anglican either.

Will I have to sign anything, give anything, or be singled out?

No. Rest assured that you won’t be put on the spot or embarrassed. There is no charge to attend – visitors are always welcome.

How long does church go for?

Usually a little less then an hour. There’s morning tea afterwards if you’d like to stay. (If you need to leave early, that’s OK too.)

What should I wear?

Casual wear is fine. 

What about my kids?

Babies, children and teenagers are very welcome to stay in church.

There is a play area for children where you can still feel very much a part of church.

During school term, Sunday School is available for children from 3 years old to the end of Primary School. They go out to their activities after the introductory part of the service and a Kids’ talk and song.

Everyone involved with caring for young people has been appropriately screened and trained.

What kind of church are you?

As an Anglican Church we treasure God’s word, the Bible, and seek to understand his wonderful message to us today. Our style of service is friendly and not overly formal.

I haven’t been to church in years. Will I be welcome?

Certainly – we look forward to meeting you!

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.