What we believe

Is it possible for you to have new life? Is it possible to know God, and to be rightly related to him?

At St. Matthew’s Church, we have a very simple message.

It’s the Bible’s message. It’s a message of Good News for all who turn to Jesus:

Jesus Christ is God’s Son, whom he has appointed as King of All.

Jesus came to rescue people from the coming judgment – by giving his life on the cross.

On the third day, he was gloriously raised from the dead.

He now offers forgiveness, new life now, and eternal life.

He calls us all to place our trust in him, so that we will stand forgiven, and friends with God, when he returns to judge the world.

We’re convinced that this is the most wonderful and important news there is. We’d love to share it with you.

Here is a fuller version (external link) which we recommend.

And please do feel free to visit us any Sunday (church at 9:30am) – or get in touch.